Brandon Wadley is a songwriter and performer writing and creating his own earthy brand of indie rock and leading a three piece band out of Indianapolis, IN. With a disarming voice, cathartic lyricism and warm, powerful guitar playing, Brandon cites 90s alternative rock, the lyrical ferocity of hardcore punk, and roots in Appalachian folk to unite a delightfully raw and intricate collection of melodies making for an inviting, adventurous performance. Lyrical themes gravitate toward freedom, redemption, and searching for wholeness. Seeing Brandon perform live is like having coffee with an old friend on a morning-lit patio, except the songs are now listening to you.

Finding a start in 2009 as a solo artist, Brandon had written, recorded, produced, and released his first eight albums and EPs working with an 8-track recorder and a couple of microphones. These projects were captured in a variety of unconventional locations and atmospheric spaces accompanied by a revolving door of fellow musicians, only entering an established studio with his ninth release, Wilderness Hymnal, in 2016. With his independent, DIY production sensibilities, Brandon wields his multi-instrumental dynamic and deeply developed song arrangements as means to communicate a sonic quality that is tangible, accessible, and unique. 

Brandon’s live sound has never ceased to grow and adapt while preserving the heart behind older material and fearlessly venturing into new sonic territory. All the while the endearing themes of hope and grace stand alongside, delivering explicit poetic excerpts in vulnerability and understated potency. The integrity of Brandon’s music is shown in how it translates from an abstract idea, to a recorded song, then to the live settingThis arsenal of live lyrical flavor dictates the timelessness of his discography, spearheaded by a vulnerable, earnest voice. To accompany such thematic approaches in his writing, the flavors of natural earthliness and the occasionally extraterrestrial connect us back fearlessly to our human nature and its potential for beauty and vastness, which is above all, the strongest testimony to his journey of faith.

Brandon’s newest album "Lower, Permission" was released in November 2017 and is designed to be performed with a three piece band who have been joining him on many live performances earlier in the year. With a vitalogy and youth in this new season of performance, Brandon and the band bring to life sounds and energies that have been waiting to emerge and be exclaimed for years. With a voice so long in the making, the newest material has been much awaited and acclaimed by both new and old listeners through its development as something that hearkens back to the roots of musical inspiration found in the early days of his listening and writing.

In praise of "Lower, Permission":

"Lower, Permission brings a variety of different sounds to the table, from the grunge and alt.-rock that so dominantly ruled the 1990s, to the more polished indie rock persuasion of the 2000s, with hints of both punk and folk thrown in from time to time. It’s an interesting combination of sounds for sure, but Wadley, along with his co-conspirators, is able to make it all work. Overall, Lower, Permission is a solid indie record, and it’s yet another example of how Indy holds its own with regards to great new music." - Chris Parks, Tuned Up


(updated 3/26/18)

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