Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Wilderness Hymnal AVAILABLE NOW!

Never in all of the records I’ve written have I been more challenged and surprised than in creating “Wilderness Hymnal.” Raising the funds, recording in a studio, and releasing a project that has so much of my life in it, let alone writing the very lyrics and music itself, is something I doubted would ever happen. Especially so, in that I have been endlessly pushed and achingly pursued by the Truth in my soul throughout the entire process of creating this. I’m totally thrilled for you to hear the songs have been through the fire with me. When you listen, I truly hope you'll let yourself in to what the songs represent and what they could mean in your life, not just mine. The journey is just beginning— thank you all so much for your love and faith hailing this next chapter. 

GO HERE: http://brandonwadley.bandcamp.com