Thursday, September 17, 2015

Wilderness Hymnal

Good morning, friends. What an amazing time of life. I've just started a job at a church just outside Indianapolis as a music and art director directly after my internship and it has been such a blessing. At the same time, the Wadleys have had to take some time away from the church that we landed in and feel at home in, at least till further notice. We've got 27% of the goal raised to record the album and crowdfunding has yet to fully begin, which is exciting. I'm so pumped to create a record this Fall that's honest about where I am and about what's real in all of this. I've been seeing the theme over and over all around me that you're at your most sincere when you're empty (Noah Gundersen) and that's exactly where I am. I know I'm full of so much else that's distracted and complacent deep down, but I know at this season in life, I'm being slowly emptied out so I can be filled again. It's an odd feeling of humbling gratefulness and sheer exhaustion. I know God is doing great things with this time and I'm looking forward to see where it goes. On Monday, my friend Tucker and I are going to make a promo video for the campaign that tells the story of where the music is and hopefully can allude toward the direction I'm headed. I could use prayers for focus and determination in this next season. I also need to raise money. It's something that I believe God gives just like anything else we could ask for, but it's something more of a tool than an intrinsic blessing, and hopefully something that draws us together. I'm looking ahead to see how he provides. Funny thing is, the whole new album is centered around the theme of Providence and I'm being rocked out of a shell by its power.

So I'm calling the new album "Wilderness Hymnal" because Katie and I have just passed our one year mark in marriage (a wilderness in itself), we're in a new metropolitan city when we both grew up in small town Tennessee, and I'm taking hold of my dreams and giving them my perseverance, patience, and faith. A lot ahead is uncertain and unsure, but I think there are songs worth singing in these times in knowing only Who holds the future. The ones on the album will be tried and stretched just like all else I've released to the world. I'm stoked to see how these songs transform me and the way that they speak to others. In fact, many of them already have and I'm so honored by that truth.