Friday, May 22, 2015

News: May 22, 2015

Last night was the show at The Willow Tree in Johnson City that marked the end of a chapter for my music. Katie and I are moving to Indianapolis, Indiana in June for her to take a job as an nurse at a new clinic up there and we are so very excited! It's a big move and it's going to be quite a change, but we are looking forward to what opportunities will open up as far as music and everything else. Please pray for us in this move. We're going in wide eyed and ready for growth. Thank you all!

Also, Sunday, May 24, I'm playing an online concert via Concert Window. You can tune in at 9PM Eastern Time on Sunday, May 24 for a private concert! It should be fun!

One more thing! You can find my music now on Spotify, iTunes, Google MP3, and on my "Music Store" tab. It's all available there!

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