Friday, January 2, 2015

Remastered versions of "The Listening Room" and "In the Morning" coming soon!

That's right. My recordings, despite my best efforts, are getting a chance to be clearer and fuller-sounding than ever. With the help of various friends in the last five years, I've recorded several (eight) albums with mainly a mic or two and the rest was edited and "mastered" on Garageband by myself. However, 2014 allowed me to earn enough playing shows and selling merchandise to fund the remastering of my albums. I am so excited. "The Listening Room" is coming first, as it is in the most need of help. The mixing process is almost complete and will be submitted to the mastering engineer momentarily, hopefully to be released to you (and the world) by the end of the month. Good things happening very soon! Also, if you haven't signed up for the email newsletter (to your right), DO IT. That way I can keep in contact with you, my beautiful fans. There you go. Thanks for being awesome.

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