Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cleveland, TN

Second show of the year will be in Cleveland, TN at Bonlife Coffee at 6PM. I spent my first two years of college in Cleveland at Lee University and it was an extremely growing time for me. I had a lot of questions about why I was there and what I was doing with my life, and amidst various frustrations with the "Christian" culture I found there, I was in a place of decision. I moved away from Cleveland in 2012 and moved to Johnson City, and since then I've had time to reflect on the years I spent at Lee. However difficult and straining they were, I still find places of beauty that I know God put in place for me to learn while I was there. In retrospect it was a really beautiful time, but I ended up wishing it away in place of something I would be able to predict and control. It wasn't what God had for me to control. In fact, moving away was good in many ways because in Johnson City I met my wife, got involved with RUF, am now working at the church with the youth, and am having the opportunity to finish up school (that at more than one point thought I never would.) Honestly being in Cleveland again after having time away has always been an interesting mix of sadness and looking ahead in joy, but I truly miss my friends back at Lee the most. This concert is going to be cathartic because many of the songs I currently sing and have recorded were written and some even recorded at that school, in my dorm room, practice rooms, buildings, etc. There's something about a song being reunited with its birthplace that's important to pay attention to, because those are places we find the most direct contact with the heart of the music.

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