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How to be a Person

(this is an extended and updated version of a previous social media post)
9/9/18 in Washington, D.C. (photo by Brian Seldon)
This time last week I rolled back into Indianapolis after ten days on the road, playing six shows, driving 2400 miles through ten states, and enjoying some of my favorite days of travelling and playing music I had ever experienced in my life. Since then I've been starting a new job and have been absurdly busy, but today has given me a little space by which to give a legitimate reflection of the first part of 2018's tour. 
I decided to spend some time on the road playing solo shows first, and then doing a few long weekend ventures with my band across the midwest, so this is kinda the first chapter.

Elohim I spent the entire Spring and Summer working a (very) part time gig setting up tables and chairs at a wedding venue and with all my extra time that wasn't spending being so anxious that I couldn't get anything done, I was emailing like a madman to tr…

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